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Jòrdi Psalmanazar es un glossopoèta occitan nascut de cap a 1679 en Occitània, e mòrt lo 3 de mai de 1763 en Anglatèrra.



Nascut en Occitània, probablament en Provença.

Lengas bastidas[]

Descriguèt una lenga formosana que s'èra inventada.

Paire nòstre[]

Lo paire nòstre[1] en formosan: Amy Pornio dan chin Ornio vicy, Gnayjorhe sai Lory, Eyfodere sai Bagalin, jorhe sai domion apo chin Ornio, kay chin Badi eyen, Amy khatsada nadakchion toye ant nadayi, kay Radonaye ant amy Sochin, apo ant radonern amy Sochiakhin, bagne ant kau chin malaboski, ali abinaye ant tuen Broskacy, kens sai vie Bagalin, kay Fary, kay Barhaniaan chinania sendabey. Amien.


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  • An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa ...: Giving an Account of the Religion, Customs, Manners, &c., of the Inhabitants. Together with a Relation of what Happen'd to the Author in His Travels; Particularly His Conferences with the Jesuits, and Others, in Several Parts of Europe. Also the History and Reasons of His Conversion to Christianity, with His Objections Against it (in Defence of Paganism) and Their Answers ... Numerizat per Google


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